EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is equipped to handle any size liquidation. We have amassed a client list for the last 35 years of business worldwide. We have extensive experience in the PCB and Assembly industries.

Our group will handle logistics on all projects. ETI can offer on-site appraisal services for all your assets and procure a strategy that best fits your requirements. We have worked with financial institutions and leasing companies to successfully devise exit strategies for our clients over the years. *References will be furnished upon request.

Auction Services

EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has been involved in many auction ventures worldwide. Each auction is unique and requires a hands-on approach from start to finish. ETI has helped many companies’ tailor-fit solutions for any circumstance.

Not only does ETI offer a variety of solutions, we additionally have the capabilities for cash buy-outs, should those circumstances arise.


EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. offers consignment management. Our 20,000 square foot warehouse space can hold assets until they are successfully sold. This option frees up space on the factory floor for active production.

Additionally, assets may be consigned within the walls of your factory and consigned to ETI for sale. An asset still running and in production within a factory setting will generate highest returns and is the best way to market the assets.